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Want to understand Maliki? Read this, and you may also understand Biden better

The Washington Post has just put online a blockbuster article on how Maliki rose to power in Iraq. It is one of the best things I have ever read on the role played by the U.S. in Iraq.

The article is partly a mea culpa by Ali Khedery, who was the longest serving American official in Iraq until he resigned in 2010, disgusted with Maliki, and indeed with his own role in helping Maliki become prime minister. But by September of that year, he had decided he was wrong about Maliki. He pleaded with Vice President Biden to dump Maliki. He says Biden declined, saying that there was no alternative to Maliki. Biden added, "I'll bet you my vice presidency Maliki will extend the SOFA." 

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The Best Defense

Iraq, the unraveling (XXXV): bombs, bribes, foreign fighters

Best Defense is in summer re-runs. This item originally ran on December 9, 2009.

I couldn't bring myself to write about the round of bombings in Iraq yesterday. More today. I have nothing useful to say about that.

Meanwhile, there is some word that payoffs to Awakening groups will stop at the end of this month. Interesting campaign move. 

And once again foreign fighters seem to be slipping into Iraq from Syria. 

Proven provider John McCreary's bottom line: "Day by day, the security situation is deteriorating  ... [I]t will get much worse in the next few months."

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