The Best Defense

What Putin wants, in a nutshell

Peter Baker, speaking the other day at the New America conference about what Putin is aiming to do in Ukraine: "I think his hope is to create a Ukraine that doesn't work -- a dysfunctional state," so it cannot integrate into the West.  

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The Best Defense

Quote of the day: What real culture change in the Army would look like

Deeds not words. What could be more Army? From an essay by Leonard Wong:

Culture change will always be a critical facet in the strategic leadership of the Army. But culture change is not accomplished by treating it as a staff action. Culture change cannot be delegated. Real culture change-the type that transforms not just behavior, but also underlying beliefs and values-is transmitted via the actions of leadership. The irony is that we already knew this. We have just become so accustomed to the online courses, the glossy brochures, and the prolific propaganda machine of big Army that we have forgotten the vital role of leadership in culture change. And that is something that we need to change.

Man, I could write a whole book on this subject.