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Tom pops up in ‘Slate’ talking about cyberwar with the Future of War gang

I was surprised to see that comments I made last week at a New America conference popped up in Slate. The whole current Future of War gang was there.

After the session, a guy I know said to me that he thought I was going to be the Douhet of cyberwar. I understood what he meant -- he thinks we are hyping it. But the more I listen to the FoW gang, the more I think we are on the cusp of an era of major change.

I also was surprised to see myself quoted in last Sunday's New York Times. It was from the review of the Gates book I wrote about six months ago.

The Best Defense

What Putin wants, in a nutshell

Peter Baker, speaking the other day at the New America conference about what Putin is aiming to do in Ukraine: "I think his hope is to create a Ukraine that doesn't work -- a dysfunctional state," so it cannot integrate into the West.  

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