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Rebecca's War Dog of the Week: A Puppy Postcard from the Royal Australian Air Force

By Rebecca Frankel
Best Defense Chief Canine Correspondent

Almost exactly one month ago, Osha, a military dog in the RAAF gave birth to 17 (yes, 17!) puppies. The litter, consisting of 11 males and six females, was the largest in the program's history. But all 17 puppies were born happy and healthy. And, from the photos, it looks like Mama Osha is going to have her paws full...

Rebecca Frankel is senior editor, special projects at Foreign Policy. Her forthcoming book War Dogs: Tales of Canine Heroism, History, and Love comes out on Oct. 14 from Palgrave Macmillan.

CPL Shannon McCarthy/Australian Government

The Best Defense

4 ways in which UAV warfare is different

My New America colleague Peter Bergen the other day listed four ways in which drone weapons are making warfare significantly different:

1. "armed drones are different from any previous form of artillery because they can linger over and assess a target for many hours."

2. "armed drones also make it possible to wage war against particular individuals."

3. "there is a lower threshold for the use of force when armed drones are an option."

4. "drone warfare is taking place in an unprecedented information environment in which the U.S. government collects ever-vaster amounts of data."

Bonus: Here's nine more facts from Mr. Bergen about drone proliferation.

Senior Airman David Carbajal/DVIDS