The Best Defense

A postcard from the Special Ops counterterror Olympics, held in Jordan

This is a nice article about visiting the counterterror team competition in Jordan. One thing I didn't know: The Chinese field a top team.


The Best Defense

Future of War contest: The voting so far

Thanks to everyone who has voted in the future of war contest. The big surprise to me is how many people voted for their own entries. They certainly appreciate their own work! I am inclined to count their votes, but am still undecided about ballot-stuffing by spouses and family members. (You two know who you are.)

If you haven't voted so far, please go to the Future of War essays page, read it over, and then cast your vote by sending to the e-mail address listed at the bottom of my bio. I haven't decided when to close the election -- any suggestions?

And to those of you have voted, thanks! Especially if you looked beyond blood relatives.