The Best Defense

A British list of the best war books

It is not a list I like. Half of these are obvious picks, and the other half are inexplicable. But that's of course what makes a horse race. The suggestions in the comments are better than the list itself.

(HT to J.S. Mill)

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The Best Defense

Where does Best Defense go next?

Now that our wars are fading away -- not ending, perhaps, but becoming someone else's -- I am wondering where this blog should go now. The series of essays on the "future of war" was one effort to answer that. That series is now concluded, and I will have more on it soon -- we have to figure out who the winners are. If you haven't voted, please send me an e-mail, using the e-mail address at the end of my bio, to list your favorite and your 2nd favorite. Put "Contest" in the subject line and write something simple like, "My top choice is no. X and my second is no. Y." (BTW, I suppose it is OK for you to vote for yourselves, but I am not sure about making your spouses do it.)

But I'd also welcome your thoughts on the future of the blog. The nature of the online conversation continues to change. These days I get more responses to my tweets (@tomricks1) than I do to my blog posts. Is there a way to better integrate that into the blog?

Finally, what do you think the blog should be doing more of? Less of? Different?

U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Christopher Q. Stone, 26th MEU Combat Camera/Released