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Drone news from all over: Google goes high altitude, a drone truck is coming, and Bezos still wants drone groceries

Lotsa action in the world of drones. Or maybe I am just noticing them more because I am working with Peter Bergen and Bailey Cahall, who know so much about all this stuff that they could ride drones to work if they wanted to.

First, Google yesterday elbowed aside Facebook and bought Titan Aerospace, a company that specializes in developing solar-powered, high-altitude, extremely long loiter (that is, years) drones. I wrote in December that I thought Google would become the nation's largest military supplier one day, but I think that may happen sooner than I think. The difference is that it and other companies won't develop military products and then convert them. Rather, the military is going to have to adapt (and try to keep up with) civilian developments.

Speaking of never landing, here is a drone that gets its power from power lines.

Also, someone is developing a flying truck drone. At the other end of the scale, here is a 40 mm drone launcher.

Meanwhile, in Syria, both sides are using drones against each other.

And don't forget poor old Jeff Bezos. He still plans to deliver your groceries by drone. Or your newspaper?

Titan Aerospace

The Best Defense

Think you know something about Putin's bad intentions? Then give ODNI a call

Could be there's a fat job open for you at ODNI: Deputy National Intelligence Officer, Russia & Eurasia. I promise you it won't be boring. Some travel required. Oddly enough, the linked announcement says the contact address is on Baccarat Drive in Fairfax, which is kind of weird, because Google Earth fotos show that said road is a short residential street.

I wonder why these Russian intel jobs keep vacating.

On the upside, there are some really good Chinese and Korean places just down the road on Va. Rte. 236. So lunches would be fun.

Presidential Press and Information Office/Flickr