The Best Defense

'The Burning Shore': An account of submarine warfare along the east coast

The Best Defense mailboat, MV George C. Marshall, managed to evade any U-boats lurking below the North Atlantic ice floes and then steamed into my little harbor. A burly deckhand hurled to the dock a new book that looks to be fun, Ed Offley's The Burning Shore: How Hitler's U-Boats Brought World War II to America. This is a subject that we don't talk about much, that early phase of the war when Americans could see their ships burning just offshore, so I am glad that Ed turned to it. I haven't yet read it, but I remember reading a good mystery novel about the subject, Something in the Water.

The Best Defense

11 years after: Fighting in Yousifiya as the 'Triangle of Death' heats up once more

It's the 11th anniversary of U.S. forces entering Baghdad. What's happening? Same ol' same ol', just south of Baghdad, last Friday. I remember having lunch down there with an Iraqi commander and his advisor when a rocket or mortar shell hit outside. I asked, "What was that?" -- meaning which type of weapon. The American officer responded, "That was the losing contractor" (on the construction project next door).

Bad things also happened on Sunday in another of "the 'iyahs," as American troops called this group of towns, AKA "the Triangle of Death."

What's more, Baghdad airport has been rocketed and mortared lately, provoking the U.S. government to issue a travel warning. So you might want to reconsider spending Easter break swimming in the Tigris.

Meanwhile, the Florida legislature expanded "stand your ground" by approving "warning shots." Oh, great.