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11 years after: Fighting in Yousifiya as the 'Triangle of Death' heats up once more

It's the 11th anniversary of U.S. forces entering Baghdad. What's happening? Same ol' same ol', just south of Baghdad, last Friday. I remember having lunch down there with an Iraqi commander and his advisor when a rocket or mortar shell hit outside. I asked, "What was that?" -- meaning which type of weapon. The American officer responded, "That was the losing contractor" (on the construction project next door).

Bad things also happened on Sunday in another of "the 'iyahs," as American troops called this group of towns, AKA "the Triangle of Death."

What's more, Baghdad airport has been rocketed and mortared lately, provoking the U.S. government to issue a travel warning. So you might want to reconsider spending Easter break swimming in the Tigris.

Meanwhile, the Florida legislature expanded "stand your ground" by approving "warning shots." Oh, great.


The Best Defense

Counterdrone ops suddenly all the rage

On the heels of the Future of War essay the other day by Capt. Adam Thomas about the growing importance of counterdrone operations, Jane's Defence Weekly steps up and reports the Israelis are working this area, too. They find that defending against drones involves mainly dealing differently because of two issues -- the small radar signature and the slowness of the li'l planes.

A friend points out that the most significant use of drones in the future might be swarms of hundreds to saturate the enemy's defenses. Many would carry weapons, but many more would just be there as targets -- but he would have to try to knock them all down. Then, after the enemy has expended a lot of time, energy, and bullets on the drones, you send in your piloted bombers and fighters.