The Best Defense

A puzzlement to me: Why two of my favorite writers sat out World War II

I love reading E.B. White and W.H. Auden. Both are lovely writers and good observers. Yet I find I fundamentally distrust both, because both essentially sat out World War II. Neither was a conscientious objector, a position I respect. White at least grew chickens on a farm. Auden simply left England, still a relatively young man at age 32. I think it leaves a hole in the works of both.

So as I read, and nod in agreement, or underline, I hear a little voice: "Yes, but...."


The Best Defense

Maybe it is the end of 'counterinsurgency' -- but the beginning of 'armed politics'

My friend retired Army Brig. Gen. Jim Warner comments that, "I personally would prefer to stop talking about counterinsurgency and deal with what is in effect armed politics. If we thought about it that way it might be more useful in practice."

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