The Best Defense

OK, I have had it with the moral posturing of Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden

On Saturday I invited Glenn Greenwald via Twitter to comment on the recent behavior of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

He responded with a note that invited me to denounce Peruvian police corruption and American drone strikes that kill innocents. (I'd quote the note but it appears to have been deleted.) On Sunday I did, and repeated my invitation to do the right thing about Russia. You know, speak truth to power and all that.

Still waiting.

He did mockingly tweet this morning, "Has Snowden condemned the earthquake in LA yet?"

His point being, I suppose, that Greenwald and Snowden are not required to comment on all events. My point being that the LA earthquake has not enabled Snowden's actions.

Bottom line: I am no longer going soft on Greenwald and Snowden. In fact, rather the opposite, I am beginning to believe the worst about them. If they acting on moral beliefs, now would be the time for both of them to speak out against Putin. It could have a great impact, I think.

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The Best Defense

3 questions from Steve Coll about the CIA, the Congress, and the American people

They all turn on the issue of the health of our system of representative government:

Can the C.I.A., after a decade of fat budgets and swaggering prerogative, adjust to emboldened congressional oversight? Can Congress provide such oversight? And can the American people at last have the facts about the Bush Administration's embrace of torture as national policy, carried out in their name?