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The chairman of the Joint Chiefs's fine assessment of risk being taken in budget

General Dempsey's assessment of the amount and kinds of risk the United States is taking by cutting its defense budget is an extremely good statement of the conventional wisdom. And I mean that in a good way -- I don't see a lot to with which to disagree in it.

The key quote: "My greatest concern is that we will not innovate quickly enough or deeply enough to be prepared for the future, for the world we will face 2 decades from now." That should be tattooed on the foreheads of our four-star generals. Maybe in reverse, so they ponder it every morning as they shave.

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The Best Defense

The world of JAGs continues to go to hell in a hand basket: BG Sinclair edition

The lead prosecutor in the Army's case against Brig. Gen. Sinclair was removed after he became persuaded that the government's chief witness was lying about certain evidence. He felt strongly about it, saying to a superior, "She lied to me. She lied to me. She [expletive] lied to me. Why would she lie to me?"

Said superior officer visited him in a Washington-area hotel and decided that the prosecutor was going nuts. "I've never seen a human being so stripped of logic and rationality," related Brig. Gen. Paul Wilson, the prosecutor's commander.

(My side question: Why were two Army lawyers meeting at the Ritz Carlton? If they are on the taxpayers' tab, I think Days Inn might be better.)

Meanwhile, the Bozo Prize for flat-out stupidity goes to BG Sinclair for having 9,100 pornographic images on his computer. To further confuse things, he is pleading guilty to some of the charges, but not to the most serious ones. I do not understand what that really means.

In other senior officer criminal news, an Air Guard colonel based in Pittsburgh has been charged with 100 counts of theft, conspiracy, and wire fraud.