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The Best Defense

Rebecca's War Dog of the Week: Postcard from the past, a war-dog wedding

By Rebecca Frankel
Best Defense Chief Canine Correspondent

In 1976, Air Force handlers Charlotte Sandwick and Keith Hyland were married at the chapel at Yokota Air Force Base in Japan. It was a war-dog wedding through and through -- their nuptial party was made up of fellow handlers of the 475th AB Wing Security Police and in attendance, of course, were all their dogs.

Though it's just a snapshot, this photo (featured on a series of dog-handler Facebook pages this week), and its headline -- "Dogs go to marriage" -- were irresistible. Both the bride and groom were Air Force handlers in the 1970s, airmen first class. We talk a lot here about how the military dogs tight-knit community rallies in times of need and remembrance, but we'd be remiss not to showcase the happy occasions too.

Hat tip: Military Working Dogs FB group, The U.S. War Dogs Association