The Best Defense

Is high tech making it easier to go to war?

Brad Allenby and Mark Hagerott fear that is the case. They make the argument in an article in the winter edition of Issues in Science and Technology.

I am not persuaded, because there are strong counter-trends. But worth thinking about as you all draft your entries for the Future of War essay contest.

Meanwhile, here is a valiant but weak effort to rebut our Prof. Brooks.


The Best Defense

West Point and football: A sickness

Maj. Dwight Mears, a West Point history professor, manages to intelligently criticize both West Point football and Douglas MacArthur in one op-ed piece.

Good for him. College football today is sick, a major industry that distorts the institutions that host it. The more West Point tries to compete in that world, the more corrupted it and its cadets will be. The superintendent has to decide whether to do the fun thing or the right thing. Is he up to it?

Also, Adrian Bonenberg, a former 82nd Airborne officer who served in Afghanistan, had a good piece wondering why failed generals are being kept in place while successful captains and lieutenants are being let go.

U.S. Military Academy/Flickr