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Marine officer: The situation with the commandant is worse than you think

A Marine officer wrote to me about the situation with General Amos. "It's near open insubordination," he told me. "He has lost control, and Ray Mabus either is clueless or doesn't give a f*** about the soul of the Marine Corps." Some very rough stuff on Facebook about him, too. On the other hand, here are some heartfelt words of support for Amos.

Support him or not, General Amos does seem to me the most troubled commandant since P.X. Kelley back in the mid and late 1980s, with the Ollie North mess, the Marine embassy guards in Moscow scandal, and most of all, the Beirut barracks bombing. I just hope that they pick a good general to succeed him. But I am told there is little indication that either Mabus, or Amos and the yes men around him, is going in that direction.

In what appears to be related news, I am seeing smoke signals on the horizon west of I-95 indicating new troubles at the Basic School. Anyone wanna enlighten me on why the captains are so unhappy there, according to the recent survey on command climate? My e-mail address is right at the bottom of this link. You probably don't wanna send the info from your office computer, OK?

Sgt. Mallory S. VanderSchans/ Marine Corps

The Best Defense

Another reminder that making strategy is often a matter of deciding what not to do

And deciding what not to do may be the hardest thing of all for the American military to do, because foregoing something may feel a bit like failure. But as they say, if it doesn't make you a bit uneasy, it probably is planning, not strategy.