The Best Defense

Applying Clausewitz to life other than war

The other day it struck me that Clausewitz's classic observation that war makes even easy tasks difficult also applies to being depressed.

I wonder if some of his other classic thoughts can be similarly applied to other aspects of life. None occur to me. Is there anything else, for example, besides war that is an extension of politics by other means?


The Best Defense

Marine Corps HQ gets some sense, ends its jihad against Marine Corps Times

At least publicly. It was just bad optics

And the commandant should be recognized for doing the right thing, albeit after doing the wrong thing.

Meanwhile, there is a good interview with the commandant in the February issue of Leatherneck magazine, the other Marine journal, in which said General Amos laments "a lack of discipline, personal standards and appearance" in the Corps.

He also discloses that there are 144 same-sex couples on active duty in the Marines, of which "less than 25" are Marine-Marine marriages. (The others are partnered with civilians or members of another service, he said.) I hadn't seen those numbers before.

I was down at Quantico yesterday. Most of my conversations were off the record, but I was impressed to see that two senior NCOs are now attending the Marine Corps Command and Staff College.

Sgt. Mallory S. VanderSchans/ Marine Corps