The Best Defense

Strachan's Direction of War: Tom's own two cents to follow Jim Gourley's review

The Best Defense mailboat recently steamed to the pier carrying a treat -- Sir Hew Strachan's new book. I know Jim G. is reviewing it, but since I read it I want to add a bit.

This volume is essentially a collection of his essays since 9/11, revised a bit. As such, they make a great introduction to Strachan, in my view the most significant thinker on military affairs in Britain today. I've been a Strachan fan for awhile, so I'd already read a lot of these articles, when they first came out. But it was nice to revisit them, and reading them together underscored the consistency of his thoughts on strategy.

I had forgotten how tough he can be sometimes. He dismisses Samuel Huntington's Soldier and the State as "historically illiterate." He is, unfortunately, correct, I think.

Cambridge University Press


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