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Two Army sites: 'Landpower' stinks, but Benning's maneuver self-study is sharp

This Army War College website, no matter how well-intentioned, reminds me of the assignments my kids got in 5th grade to design a website on one of their favorite subjects, like Elmo of Sesame Street. But their websites were better, and also that was 15 or more years ago. I am not much of an Internet aesthetics guy myself, but I can see this site just driving 19-year-olds toward the Marines.

On the other hand, someone down at Fort Malcolm X (the base formerly known as Fort Benning) has been doing good work producing this site. It has reading lists, articles, links to doctrine, even movie recommendations. Just a first-class production. If you want to understand the infantry, or small-unit action, or leadership, or a bunch of other subjects, this would be a great place to begin. Even experts will see new things here, like a monograph on the Kindwiller raid.

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The Best Defense future of war contest: Sharpen your pencils and start writing!

Got some thoughts about the future of war? Please consider sharing them.

You've probably already read what New America Foundation is thinking about the future of war. Next up, I am going to run some solicited essays on the subject. But I also want to open the blog up to others, so I am now announcing the Best Defense future of war blog post contest. This is open to all readers. Please keep your submissions relatively short -- I want posts, not War College essays. It might be best to write about a topic with which you are personally familiar, or have studied. But if you want, you can write under this title: "What we should be thinking about the war after next."

The no. 1 winner will be invited to a private session of the New America team when it meets with experts. The top three runners-up will get a signed copy of one of my books, or maybe one of Peter Bergen's if you prefer and if I can talk him into it.

Please send them to this e-mail address (and btw this link also leads to an easier way to read this blog).