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Two Army sites: 'Landpower' stinks, but Benning's maneuver self-study is sharp

This Army War College website, no matter how well-intentioned, reminds me of the assignments my kids got in 5th grade to design a website on one of their favorite subjects, like Elmo of Sesame Street. But their websites were better, and also that was 15 or more years ago. I am not much of an Internet aesthetics guy myself, but I can see this site just driving 19-year-olds toward the Marines.

On the other hand, someone down at Fort Malcolm X (the base formerly known as Fort Benning) has been doing good work producing this site. It has reading lists, articles, links to doctrine, even movie recommendations. Just a first-class production. If you want to understand the infantry, or small-unit action, or leadership, or a bunch of other subjects, this would be a great place to begin. Even experts will see new things here, like a monograph on the Kindwiller raid.

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