The Best Defense

While we were out: Pussy Riot, AK-47s, L'il Kim, down with Amos, and more

  • Two members of Pussy Riot were freed from prison by Putin, who had sent them there for singing in church, uninvited, a song praying to God for the removal of Putin from office. Sticking to their guns, they denounced the move as a PR stunt.
  • In other dictatorial news, L'il Kim announced that having his uncle whacked was "a correct decision."
  • In other family news, a guy running for the U.S. Senate in Maine said his conviction on domestic assault charges a decade ago sensitized him to family issues. Maybe he should become our ambassador to North Korea?
  • A newspaper near Quantico ran a column that basically called for Marine Commandant James Amos to step down or, if he doesn't, to be fired.
  • Some of the donkey meat treats that Wal-Mart sells in China turned out to contain some fox.
  • An Iraq war veteran named Sean Azzariti was the first person to buy marijuana legally in Colorado, at 8 am on January 1.



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