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Things that undermine people's faith in the workings of the military justice system

A Navy lieutenant was found by social workers in the city of Virginia Beach to have committed child abuse, and signed a decree admitting to Level 2 abuse, according to a report by Bill Sizemore of the Virginian Pilot. Yet the officer remains in the Navy -- which never investigated the case at the time.   

Skeptical? Try this: "In a tearful interview with a social worker, the daughter said her father took her into a bedroom, locked the door, pinned her down by her wrists and raped her, city records obtained by The Pilot show. She said the assault followed two years of inappropriate touching by her father."

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Cowboys and Indians?: American movies about Special Operators killing Somalis

I saw Captain Phillips over the weekend. I thought it was very good, and pretty realistic in its portrayal of how the military operates. As I left the movie I thought, Yow, that's the second movie I've seen in two weeks about Americans getting in lethal trouble while out in the Indian Ocean, the other being Robert Redford co-starring with the water in All is Lost.  

Then I had another thought: Over the last 12 years, Hollywood has made two movies involving Somalis, and both involve killing Somalis, the first one being Black Hawk Down. Maybe they are the new "Indians" to our "cowboys."