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Move over, Pentagon: Will Amazon one day field the world's largest drone force?

Quite possibly. Amazon chief and potential king of the world Jeff Bezos says he wants to use drones to make same-hour deliveries of small packages. Maybe the Air Force could subcontract its next war out to him.

Pakistanis living on the Afghan frontier expressed mixed feelings about the retailing giant's new delivery plan.


The Best Defense

DIA chief Flynn says collaboration is the key to solving future intelligence problems

By Lacy Hebert
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One lesson that Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, says he takes from his years of experience in the intelligence field is that challenges can be overcome as long as U.S. intelligence agencies invest, prioritize, and most importantly, collaborate. "If there's one thing that we know," he says, "it's that we absolutely can't do any of this alone."

This does not just include three-letter agencies collaborating and working together, however. Flynn, speaking at the Brookings Institution recently, said that it is essential that the United States partner with other countries, with foreign law enforcement, and with non-governmental organizations to share knowledge and experience. By contrast, he said, it is the failure to cooperate, the withholding of knowledge, the going it alone, that results in gaps in our intelligence and makes us vulnerable.

For example, said Flynn, a former director of intelligence for U.S. Central Command, al Qaeda in Syria is a serious problem for not just the region, but for the international community as a whole. Foreign elements fighting there will improve and develop their skills and then are likely to bring those skills back to their home countries or elsewhere. One side effect of the Syrian civil war is that the international community has begun talking about this, he said.