The Best Defense

How we can make better generals

CNAS (the impressive team of Barno, Bensahel, Kidder, and Sayler) just put out a terrific study on how to improve the quality of generals in the U.S. military.

You should read the whole thing, but here are some of the key recommendations:

-More education for senior leaders.

-Longer time in assignments.

-Performance reviews for three and four star officers.

-Two tracks for generals -- either warfighting or management.


The Best Defense

Farewell to Ike Skelton

I was sorry to see the passing of Rep. Ike Skelton, a profoundly decent man who represented the Old School in Congress.

He was well-read. He cared about professional military education. And once, when I was writing a profile of him for the Washington Post, he proudly showed me, about three blocks north of his house in Lexington, Missouri, the spot where his Confederate ancestors whipped the Yankees. He also told me about standing on his front porch as a boy and looking up at the glider pilots overhead -- training for the invasion of Normandy, it turned out. Then we drove over to Whiteman AFB, where the stealth bombers live.