The Best Defense

West Point history dept. chair ousted

I am sorry to see it. Col. Moten had done some interesting historical work.

But geez. You'd think he'd be smarter than this. It reminds me of the French saying that "the heart has reasons that not even the heart knows."


The Best Defense

Is the American left becoming isolationist as it stiffens its anti-globalization stance?

I think it is. When I was a kid, the right used to taunt the left as fuzzy-thinking one-worlders. Even into the 1970s, John Lennon advised people to think globally and act locally.

But the left is not down with globalization anymore. And that means it may be drifting into isolationism. 

If you're into tracking American culture, one of the great, sober, leftish events in the United States is the annual gathering of Maine organic farmers. This isn't California-style Burning Man self-indulgence. Rather, these are hard-working people (you try growing stuff in a state with a six-month-long winter -- and then, when you thaw out, be swarmed for five months by no-see-'ems, black flies, deer flies, and mosquitoes the size of Blackburnian warblers). Modern Puritans, if you will. I mention this because this year, one of the events at their big annual fair is anti-globalization storytelling.