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The cop shooting: More evidence of police over-reaction in Boston manhunt

Evidence grows that the transit cop killed in the manhunt for the marathon bombers was hit by friendly fire. This strikes me as the third instance of over-reaction by the authorities in their handling of the situation.

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The Best Defense

White House official explains Syria policy in terms of America's Iraq syndrome

Quote of the day: Benjamin Rhodes, the deputy national security advisor, tells Dexter Filkins in this week's edition of the New Yorker that in considering intervening in Syria, "Here's what we wrestle with: there are huge costs and unintended consequences that go with a military intervention that could last for many years."

Another White House official tells Filkins, "The country is exhausted." I don't think that second comment is quite accurate. It is more that the country is tired of being involved on the ground in the Middle East and deeply skeptical of the efficacy of another try.

Filkins also quotes an academic expert who predicts that eventually all of Syria's Alawites will be pushed into Lebanon, with the eventual refugee flow doubling that nationette's population.

The vibe of the article is that the Obama administration increasingly is leaning toward intervention -- from the air, in aid and intelligence, but not with ground troops.