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Canadian base commander charged with sex assault and drunkenness, put on shelf

Well, there had been some warning signs: Just over a decade ago he was charged with showing his homemade porn to cadets, but got off for lack of evidence, even though his voice could be heard on the tape saying "get her while she's drunk." The camera was hidden inside a "stuffed bear," according to the Edmonton Sun

I ask again: What kind of outfit you running up there?

Meanwhile, in the last refuge of scoundrels department, an Ohio woman named Cari Johnson, who raised charity money via the "First Annual Patriotic Freedom Ride" last year, was found to have used some of the donated money at liquor stores. She'll pay a $20,000 fine. 

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The Best Defense

Tony Judt on academic historians: Facing a huge market, but unable to address it

Quote of the day is from Tony Judt, now unfortunately gone: "the market for history books is enormous, but most professional historians are simply unable to satisfy it." (P. 263, Thinking the 20th Century)

By the way, Judt's book Postwar is essential reading for, among others, anyone interested in the effect of World War II on Europe.