The Best Defense

Tom’s busy week: Facing the nation, NPRing, FPRIng, B&N, and Marshall

Yesterday I was on Face the Nation yakking about foreign policy and such.

Today (Monday, for those of you still waking up) I'm on a Baltimore NPR station, WYPR, at noon.

Tuesday evening I'm speaking about my book at Palantir Corp. in northern Virginia -- if you work there I bet you can get in.

Thursday afternoon at 2:00 I am participating in an FPRI symposium on the Vietnam War, held on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. It will also be cast all over the web.

Saturday will find me at 2 pm at the Barnes & Noble at Seven Corners in northern Virginia.

And on Sunday at 3 pm I will be speaking and signing at the George Marshall House in Leesburg, Va.


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