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NRA magazine goes all pro-Obama!

Oddly enough the most pro-Obama statement I have read lately was in the editor's letter in the November issue of America's First Freedom, a magazine of the National Rifle Association. Among the "undisputable facts," we are told, are that "Obama supports reinstituting the failed ban on semi-automatic rifles" and "Obama has already appointed two vehemently anti-Second Amendment justices to the U.S. Supreme Court."

Sounds good to me! I know that they don't mean it that way, but by the time I put down the NRA magazine I was ready to contribute to the Joyce Foundation. I'd never heard of that outfit until I saw them denounced in this issue of the NRA magazine. That interested me enough to look them up. 

Elsewhere in the same issue, the NRA rejoices that the University of Colorado finally has a "right-to-carry" policy "that allows permit holders to carry most anywhere on the campus." Because you never know when you might have to bust a cap during Economics 101?



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