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Sky reviews the U.S. handling of Iraq, spanks both the Bush and Obama admins

Emma Sky, who has written for this blog on occasion, recently issued a sharp paper at CNAS that blasts the handling of Iraq by both the Bush and Obama administrations. She reports that Iraqis believe that the United States has lost Iraq to Iran, and that Iraqis now travel to Tehran to ask permission to oust Maliki. She concludes that, "America could learn that money can't buy love, that relationships are key, that strategic patience is needed, that allies should not be ignored and that a regional approach is needed as well as a bilateral one."

CNAS, a full-service outfit, also offered this blueprint on how to fix things.


The Best Defense

Mama tried

The authorities said the other day that Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, the Army's celebrity one star, will face a general court martial and could wind up doing life in prison.

My guess: A plea deal that winds up with him doing a year or two. Then again, I've been surprised before.

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