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Mama tried

The authorities said the other day that Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, the Army's celebrity one star, will face a general court martial and could wind up doing life in prison.

My guess: A plea deal that winds up with him doing a year or two. Then again, I've been surprised before.

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The Best Defense

Accountability at State over Benghazi contrasts with the lack of such at the Pentagon over the Abu Ghraib mess

A bunch of senior State Department officials got booted over security failures at Benghazi. A friend comments, "This is functionally equivalent to the sacking of GOs."

The contrast to the lack of accountability for the Abu Ghraib mess is striking. And I am confident that the prisoner abuse scandal, by outraging Iraqis and fanning the flames of the insurgency, resulted in the deaths of more Americans than did the lapses in Libya.