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Tales from the field: The female soldier making whoopee with the male 'terp

Maj. Mark Glaspell recounts this episode from his time commanding a company of the 101st Airborne in 2010-2011 near Gardez, Afghanistan:

MG: . . . The Soldier was a female and the interpreter was a male. Of course, the interpreter was immediately fired; kicked off the post and he's gone.

Q: How do you confirm those types of allegations, especially when it's a lot of "he said/she said?"

MG: What she ended up getting in trouble for was that she was caught in the interpreter's room. She got caught red-handed by her supervisor.

AH: Okay, so that was the confirmation.

MG: Yeah. We knew what was going on but we couldn't charge her with that because there was no direct witness, but we knew what was going on. He was out and the colonel basically threw the book at her as much as he could for being in that room. She was married. It was just bad all the way around. He actually sent her home because with her job she immediately lost her security clearance and she couldn't do her job without her clearance so they sent her back home.



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