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25: Seabees CO ousted

For professional failings! That's a nice change from all the stuff about zipper problems and dancing naked on tables at Subic Bay. The Navy is now just one short of the record set in 2003, according to the official scorekeeper.  


The Best Defense

Not quite done: This week's book appearances in D.C. and Richmond

I'm finished with non-stop book touring, but still giving talks here and there. Tonight (Monday, 3 Dec.) at 7:30 I will be at the Hill Center in Washington, D.C., about 10 blocks southeast of the Capitol.

Tomorrow night (Tuesday, 4 Dec.) will find me in Richmond, Virginia, speaking at 5:30 the Jefferson Hotel at an event sponsored by the George C. Marshall Foundation.

Thence back to D.C. and a talk at the National War College at noon on Thursday, Dec. 6.

And no TV this week, if at all possible.

By the way, I think Best Defense commenters should resist the temptation to respond to partisan trolls. I feel like we have an infestation right now. They thrive on attention, irrationality, and incivility.