The Best Defense

Can't get enough of my new book? Come and talk about the 1st ID in Chicago

Tomorrow (that's Wednesday, if you are keeping score at home) Nov. 28, I'll be at the First Division Museum, just outside Chicago. The whole thing kicks off at 7:30 pm. I'm looking forward to it in part because two commanders of the Big Red One, Terry de la Mesa Allen and William DePuy, are discussed at some length in my book. Oddly similar men -- terrific combat commanders who got in hot water with their superiors.

If you can't make it, here are some substitutes: I did a discussion on FireDogLake over the weekend of my new book. And right here is my discussion with Kojo Nnamdi and his listeners, an informed bunch. I also was ranting on Howard Kurtz's CNN show on Sunday. Help, I am becoming critical of the media!


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