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Annals of toxic leaders: BG Sinclair's generalship as a negative example

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, the U.S. Army's most famous one-star, allegedly made his lover urinate in a waste basket (I think so people couldn't see her coming and going from his place), talked trash about female officers, and once threatened to kill his lover and her family if she talked. When she tried to break off the relationship, he would seek oral sex.

Pop quiz for new brigadiers: Which of these behaviors was wrong?



The Best Defense

Come on down: Book event in D.C. tonight

I'll be giving a talk on my book tonite at the Willard Hotel in DC at 6:30 tonight, along with Susan Glasser, the smart and dynamic editor of Foreign Policy magazine.

It is free, but you must needs register. Click here to do so.  

If you wear a Best Defense t-shirt tonight, you get a free drink after the show. But then again you get the drink even if you don't. However, with the t-shirt you might get it faster.

In other CNAS news, the estimable Nate Fick is leaving the place to become CEO of some cyber company. He will be missed. We need a replacement. So, if you know someone who is energetic, unassuming, likable, married above himself, has a Harvard MBA, and is a fine leader, and who maybe also has written a good memoir of military service, just sent them to apply here.