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The British lesson of the Industrial Revolution: The drawbacks to being 1st

One of the drawbacks to being the pioneer in the Industrial Revolution, Paul Kennedy writes in The Rise and Fall of British Naval Mastery, was that the British, being first, simply were not accustomed to competition. Hence both their industrial and social practices were encumbered, he writes, by "complacency and inefficiency."

As a result, he continued, the British educational system failed to keep pace with the Americans and Germans in churning out engineers and technologists. And even when innovators surfaced, they did not necessarily succeed. Britain was a major innovator in the steel industry, he writes, but was surpassed because its wealthy did not back innovation with investments. 


The Best Defense

Army wife: How CGSC managed to screw up my wounded warrior husband

A wife writes:

My husband was part of the wounded warrior education initiative and was placed in the military history dept at CGSC. He had only one class group and wasn't even able to finish it due to getting notice. The army paid a lot of money to get him ready for this job and I believe he had no chance to keep his job. My husband gave a lot to his country including limb. He had great reviews from his students and fellow instructors. He had asked if he should get his PhD a couple months into being at CGSC and was told to wait. Which of course his lack of PhD was part of the reason he lost the job he loved and was very good at. When CGSC placed these wounded warriors they knew that they wouldn't have a PhD right off the bat. The wounded warrior project went all the way to Texas to recruit my husband, moved him to Kansas, paid for his masters, paid for his salary while going to school, gave him one class group and then let him go. I'm sure there would be a lot of taxpayers out there that wouldn't be too happy to have no return on their investment. I have been around the military my whole life and for the first time I am very disappointed in how they have handled a situation. My husband feels as though he was set up for failure and that yet again the army has failed him.