The Best Defense

Neil Sheehan reviews my new book, and my article in Atlantic tickles Special Ops

My book on American generalship comes out today.  Here is Neil Sheehan's review of it in the Washington Post. He calls the Vietnam section "the best part of the book." (There also is a review in the Wall Street Journal by Andrew Roberts. He likes my writing more than Sheehan does but disagrees with my conclusions.) 

I've been busy lately. Here is an article I have in the current issue of the Atlantic. Special Operators must get their copies early somehow, as I've began hearing from them about it in the middle of last week. Also, an Air Force general writes, "much truth in this article and it does not apply just to the Army. The proclivity to promote non-risk taking, non-controversal, middle of the road, do-nothings to senior general officer positions from 2008 to 2012 has really affected the Air Force in a negative way."

And here's a good interview that ran this morning Steve Inskeep of NPR about the book.  

The Best Defense

Navy bounces admiral commanding Stennis strike group in Persian Gulf

This might be more interesting than the usual zipper problem that affects captains. I can't remember the last time recalled. The reason given by a Navy spokesman was "inappropriate leadership judgment," which I found oddly encouraging, because it might mean there was a problem of professional competence, rather just the usual issue of sleeping with subordinates.