The Best Defense

Tom’s review of Kurt Eichenwald’s '500 Days' in yesterday’s New York Times

Here it is.

My favorite moment in the book is this.


"After Bush told Jacques Chirac that biblical prophecies were being fulfilled and specifically that 'Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East,' the French president decided, in Eichenwald's words, that 'France was not going to fight a war based on an American president's interpretation of the Bible.'"

The Best Defense

An unusual intelligence reading list

As the blog entry notes, everyone does intelligence reading lists. (Including, three years ago, Best Defense.)  But I like the list offered by "Sources and Methods" because it purposely focuses on unusual picks. 

Meantime, one of the regular readers (and commenters) on this blog suggests that we compile a reading list for aliens about human life on Earth. What would be the top 10 books on that list?

(HT to DM)