The Best Defense

Hey West Point, here's an airpower reading list from an expert

By Lt. Gen. David Deptula (USAF, ret.)

Best Defense department of airborne victory

--Winged Defense: The Development and Possibilities of Modern Air Power Economic and Military, William Mitchell, 1925

-- The Air Campaign: Planning for Combat, John Warden, 1988

--The Transformation of American Air Power, Benjamin S. Lambeth, 2000

--The Influence of Air Power upon History, Walter J. Boyne, 2003

--Airpower Advantage: Planning the Gulf War Air Campaign, 1989-1991, Diane T. Putney, 2004

--The Art of Airpower: Sun Tzu Revisited, Sanu Kainikara, 2009

--Learning Large Lessons: The Evolving Roles of Ground Power and Air Power in the Post-Cold War Era, David E. Johnson, 2007

--The Foundations of US Air Doctrine: The Problem of Friction in War, Barry D. Watts, 1984.

--A History of Air Warfare, John Olsen, 2010

--Global Air Power, John Olsen, 2011

--Ideas, Concepts, Doctrine: Basic Thinking in the United States Air Force, Frank Futrell, 1989

--The Icarus Syndrome, Carl Builder, 1993.

I would replace Douhet on the USMA History Department's top 10 classics with "Winged Defense."



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