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Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey to retired military: Time to STFU about politics

Good for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs:

And one of the things that marks us as a profession in a democracy, in our form of democracy, that's most important is that we remain apolitical. . . . That's how we maintain our bond and trust with the American people.

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The Best Defense

Attackerman, porn, and the Pentagon

Spencer Attackerman wrote last month somewhat mockingly about the Pentagon cracking down on soldiers watching porn on official computers. I actually think there is a clear and present danger in porn: I suspect it is the vehicle by which the Stuxnet virus was introduced into the computers running part of the Iranian nuclear program. (Reading Henry Crumpton's memoirs, I began to wonder if the CIA is a major buyer in the porn market, for use with North Korean diplomats, among other contacts. They probably have a "chief acquisition officer, pornography.")

If I were managing any official office that used computers -- which is to say all of them -- I would make watching porn on them a firing offense, not for moral reasons but for security reasons. And I would consider bringing criminal charges against anyone who actually used a thumbdrive to transfer porn into an official system.