The Best Defense

Our first openly gay general

Brig. Gen. Tammy Smith became our first openly gay general on Friday when she was promoted from colonel. It is an interesting moment, in part because it is so uncontroversial.

The Best Defense

Rebecca's War Dog of the Week: Summer postcard series -- A little 29-Palms pick me up

By Rebecca Frankel

Best Defense Chief Canine Correspondent

Military working dog handlers with 1st Law Enforcement Battalion, I-MEF, have been participating in Large Scale Exercise-1, Javelin Thrust 2012. From left to right: Cpl. John Brady, with his patrol explosive detector dog, Tesa. Cpl. Fidel Rodriguez, with his combat tracker dog, Aron. Cpl. Dwight Jackson, with his patrol explosive detector dog, Hugo. Lance Cpl. Isaiah White, with his specialized search dog, Moxie. This photo was taken in July at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, CA.

Rebecca Frankel, on leave from her FP desk, is currently writing a book about military working dogs, to be published by Free Press.