The Best Defense

Continuing erosion at NDU

I heard yesterday that Hans Binnendijk, one of the pillars of the National Defense University, is quietly leaving out of unhappiness with its decline as an intellectual institution. Word is that Binnendijk, who has worked on Capitol Hill, at the State Department, and at the White House, as well as in academia, is resigning and moving to Johns Hopkins SAIS in three weeks. Part of the problem with the place is that the generals and admirals overseeing the place don't know much about how to run a university, and wouldn't know intellectual firepower from a day-old dud. There's also fear that with a defense budget squeeze looming, big cuts are going to hit the PME world.


The Best Defense

Is the defense budget going to collapse?

Nora Bensahel of CNAS, speaking at the CNAS conference, says yep. She predicts the defense budget will be cut by more than people think, and that ground forces will be hit hardest by the shortfall.

Dov Zakheim, former Pentagon comptroller, disagreed.