The Best Defense

Party down with the big thinkers, get the skinny on the policies of tomorrow

Do it all at CNAS's annual Woodstock for policy wonkers. It will be on June 13 in DC. 

If you haven't seen Brzezinski and Scowcroft do their breakdancing routine, you haven't lived. Bust them moves.


The Best Defense

New commenting program for Best D.

In response to your many complaints about the screwy commenting software Foreign Policy uses, the computer dweebs have gotten a different system. They assure me it will work better.

Apparently two of the ways to comment are using Facebook or Twitter. There is a third way, that I recommend: I don't do any social  networks, and I think there are enough twits in the world, so I will use Livefyre, which they tell me preserves anonymity if so desired, which I think many of you do.

Let me know how it works for you. And, as always, remember rule 2: Don't post comments while drunk.