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Another Navy skipper fired: 5 for the year

Hurled overboard from the USS San Diego, a big new amphibious ship which that isn't even in the water yet. The culprit is the usual, "personal misconduct." Why can't we ever fire someone for combat ineffectiveness

U.S. Navy

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'Red Cliff': A striking Chinese film

Awhile ago one of the more astute grasshoppers recommended watching Red Cliff, a film by John Woo that came out a few years ago. When it arrived from Mr. Netflix I cooked up some chicken Penang curry, cracked open a Rolling Rock, and popped the DVD into the machine. My wife bailed after 10 minutes, but I enjoyed the whole nearly-three-hour shebang. I'd call it a Chinese David Lean's mix of Saving Private Ryan, Gone with the Wind, and Star Wars. Except with more battle scenes -- the last hour was just one big old firefight. (You'll see what I mean.)

I'd thank the grasshopper in question but I can't find the comment.

Just make sure you watch it with subtitles instead of the incompetent dubbing.