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Marc Lynch says don’t intervene in Syria, but Jeffrey White says do it indirectly

I think Lynch is right. (As you might expect.) It is not a feel-good position to take, but I do think his hands-off policy is rational.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey White calls for an indirect campaign, including arming the opposition.

These seem to be the two basic options being discussed.

Meanwhile, it has been a lousy week for journalists in Syria.


The Best Defense

The adventures of Lt. Col. Danny Davis: His plan to lead the U.S. invasion of Iran

For a reservist, Lt. Col. Danny Davis (author of the recently touted and then critiqued report on the Afghan War) sure gets around. I was told yesterday that when he was a major, he proposed that the United States conduct a ground invasion of Iran by air dropping an armored division northeast of Tehran and then doing a tank assault into the city.

I also was told that he proposed to General Abizaid that he be promoted to lieutenant colonel and put in command of the lead tank battalion in the assault.

So I wrote to Lt. Col. Davis to ask if all this was correct. He promptly wrote back, very nicely. (Reading his note below, I don't know why he would consider a private letter sent to a general by an individual operating in a non-official capacity to be classified. Nor do I see how something can be both private and classified, but these are minor issues).

Here is his note:

nice to hear from you - i am grateful that you sought out the facts instead of simply publishing an inaccurate, partial-truth.

i will tell you that the one quote you cite below is a gross mischaracterization of a private, classified document I did in fact write, and contains blatantly inaccurate information.  six years ago i sent a private, classified letter and associated classified report to one individual that had as its subject Iran.  it is unfortunate that someone is leaking isolated pieces of this classified document, out of context, to members of the media.  unlike whomever is leaking this information, i will not discuss known   classified material in public.   

thanks again for asking about this before publishing something. as i understand it you did not agree with my report or some of its findings and thus i respect you all the more for seeking out my take on this deceptive quote before you publish your blog.

let me know if i may be of further help,