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Good for the Navy on the USS Gabrielle Giffords, bad karma on the Cowpens, and more Navy crime news from all over

Good for the Navy. Some of my e-friends dislike naming the ship after a former member of Congress who is still alive. But in the case of Gabrielle Giffords' case, I think that is kind of the point -- honoring a woman of courage, resiliency and spirit.   

Meanwhile, the Navy jettisoned another skipper of the USS Cowpens. This is becoming an annual event. I wouldn't want to be the next CO of that ship.

Also, oddly, the chief of the boat for one of the crews of the USS Nebraska got the heave-ho. The Navy says it was not because he got all inappropriate with a female midshipmen. But they didn't say why it was.

Also, a Navy wife was convicted of second-degree murder for stabbing to death her lt. cdr. husband, supposedly provoked by learning he was having an affair. 

To top it off, a cashier at the Naval Academy managed to steal more than $120,000. She probably envied the football coach's salary.

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