The Best Defense

Obama and foreign policy: The hazy view from the Duke political science dept.


Peter Feaver writes elsewhere in FP that "Obama's foreign policy successes have come when he has followed Bush policies; his failures have come when he has struck out on his own." (Peter is a friend of mine, and also one of the Shadow Governors -- I am proposing that the bong be made their official emblem.) 

Yes -- just look at all the countries Obama has invaded pre-emptively on false information about weapons of mass destruction!


The Best Defense

Afghanistan: When we don’t like being in a war, we turn it over to contractors?

That apparently is Defense Secretary Panetta's plan for war termination in Afghanistan. That's what I take away from this Request for Proposals.

The Army recently did a good book on how wars end, and I'm currently reading Gideon Rose's book on the same subject. But I suspect that what we are seeing in Afghanistan (and to a degree in Iraq) is something altogether different: The privatization of our conflicts, at least on the ground. In the air, the trend is more from manned to unmanned aircraft -- could we call this the de-personification of the air war?

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