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The adventures of Lady Emma: Worried Kurds, happy marsh Arabs, and more

In case you missed it, Baroness Sky of Mesopotamia had a good article the other day on Foreign Policy about her recent travels (and fishing trips) in post-American Iraq.

Meanwhile, a big bomb killed or wounded nearly 200 pilgrims in Basra. And the police station in Ramadi was attacked, with 21 dead. And a bomb went off in Mosul. And there was a big roundup of “AQ” in Kirkuk. Yow.  Perhaps most damaging of all, Iraqi police officials are arresting innocents and then demanding bribes to release them, reports Ghaith Abdul-Ahad of the Guardian (U.K.).

Emma Sky

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Best Defense congratulations to Eric Stratton III

I haven't seen it in print, but I hear through the grapevine -- and not from him -- that Eric, whom many of you know from the comments section, recently was named NAVSOC Medic of the Year. That is pretty impressive, given the role the SEALs have played in recent years in Afghanistan.