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Where are the colors of the 4th Marines?


And is it true that the regiment is not allowed to bring them back to the United States? A smart retired colonel wants to know.


It reminds me that the other day a historian was telling me about being in a museum in Beijing and seeing the colors of the Army's 31st Infantry Regiment, lost in fighting on the east side of Chosin Reservoir late in 1950.

The Best Defense

The word at Fort Leavenworth on moral growth, or not, among West Point cadets

Kids, you can't make this stuff up. Our recent discussion of character and ethical issues (like sadism coexisting with an honor code) at West Point provoked this note from a Best Defense reader :

"For what it's worth, a recent 'tiger team' study by a team of colonels was recently presented here at the CGSC ethics symposium. It briefed character development at West Point when compared to other college-level institutions. The briefer said the results of the study were rejected. Its conclusion was that 'Bible schools showed the least moral growth -- but they did show growth. West Point showed a diminution of principled moral reasoning in its graduates.' The data indicated this diminution was specifically associated with the first class cadets. So much for improvement."