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Col. Paul Yingling on why he is leaving the Army to become a high school teacher

Col. Paul Yingling, who has written for this blog, and also critiqued the performance of our generals in our recent wars, explained his decision in Sunday's Washington Post: "Especially in a democracy, we ought to respect most those who foster the character traits that make self-government attainable -- parents and teachers, coaches and ministers, poets and protesters. When I hear the Army motto, "This We'll Defend," it's them I have in mind."

He will be missed. 

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The Best Defense

Sex roundup: Openly straight chief of New Jersey National Guard ousted over such behavior, plus spanking down under

Apparently, he was carrying on with an aide who, like him, is married to someone else.In an interesting footnote, Maj. Gen. Glenn Reith had been appointed to his post by the New Jersey governor who stepped down over a homosexual sex scandal with an aide. No word yet on whether General Reith will seek the Republican presidential nomination.

Meanwhile, an Australian navy officer is being court-martialed for allegedly spanking a female officer nine times last year. The case took a weirder turn when the female officer testified that an Australian mining tycoon offered her a million bucks to prostitute herself to him for a year. Human beings are endlessly surprising.

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