The Best Defense

Budget crunch? Or, who in the defense establishment is paid $1.5 million?

Nope, not the chairman of the Joint Chiefs. But yes, the coach of the Navy football team gets that salary. The Air Force coach makes $889,000, USA Today reports. By comparison, the Army coach is practically on food stamps, getting just $610,000. (On the other hand, that still works out to more than $200,000 per Army win, so far this season.)

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The Best Defense

Rebecca's War Dog of the Week: One bad ass handler and his jumping war dog

By Rebecca Frankel
Chief Canine Correspondent

This video has been circulating around some Military Working Dog groups and I thought it worthy of space here. Here's the brief note that went with the post, titled "no leg ski diving, with my dog" -- as I saw it last week:

"I am still rocking! For those who haven't heard, I was blown up, with my MWD, Axe, Feb 17th of this year. I lost both of my feet, and was back to work in July. ..."

Aside from documenting an incredible free fall where you actually get a full view of the dog on a jump, this is emotionally moving footage. Without any fuss it shows the strong bond between this handler and his dog. There's little else I can say that would better complement the triumph and joy on display. So just watch.

A note: Back in May when FP ran the epic "War Dog" photo essay after the Osama bin Laden mission, a fair few readers wrote in concerned that the military dogs parachuting out of planes were being either being forced or were too frightened or ill quipped to handle the experience unscathed. For anyone still worried, pay careful attention to the dog in this video. He's having the time of his life.