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The defense budget implosion (V): The poll numbers for sharp cuts are rolling in

About half of Americans polled say that the budget can come way down. Nearly 80 percent say we spend too much defending other countries.

Whether you agree or not with those views, it is hard to disagree that the Pentagon elevator is going down fast. I am amazed at how little I am seeing written about this. I suspect the next 10 years will see a major revamping of the military establishment, in ways we hardly suspect now. Marines out of aviation? Massive consolidation of support services? Mandatory halving of headquarters, with a freeze on hiring any additional contractors, and termination of contractors upon expiration of existing contracts?

Anyone seen good work on this, looking down the road to a substantially smaller Pentagon budget?

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The Best Defense

Putting it to a vote: Who do you think was the worst president of the 20th century?

Who was the worst American president of the 20th century? TNC joins the discussion.

The candidates, according to you, are:

Woodrow Wilson
Warren Harding

Calvin Coolidge
Herbert Hoover

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson
Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan

I'm only including FDR because someone nominated him. I'd actually say he was the best president of the century, and one of our top five overall. George W. Bush, alas, is not eligible, though as we have discussed he might have retired the crown for the 21st century.

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